The BrainBuffet team has been working on re-vamping the Photoshop and Illustrator courses, using a mix of new content and the best of our current and previous content. With the new evergreen model, we will be able to make small changes as we go to keep up with the most current updates to the program and to the certification test, rather than labeling the courses by year (CC15/CC18/CC21).

The “Certification Course” is the one your students should work in if they are preparing for the certification exam. The “Enrichment Projects” course is what your students should work in if they need or want any extra material. Enrichment Courses are made up of mostly old and vaulted projects. These legacy projects are no longer being used to teach to the test but are still full of fun and relevant practice.

We plan to move to this evergreen model with all of our courses eventually. We'll be sure to keep users updated on what is coming next and when!