These tips will help ensure that you go into the test as prepared as possible. The testing centers that use these tips generally have over 87% pass rates! These tips are what all of the most successful testing centers have reported to us as their process for testing week.

1. Finish the curriculum a week early.

If you finish the curriculum a week early, you’ll have time to use the BrainBuffet quizzes and reviews most effectively. Wait until the last minute and you won’t know what you need to review! Finish every project, every challenge project, every worksheet.

2. Review using the Quizzes on BrainBuffet.

Our quizzes ensure that you’ve learned what you need to know when taking the test. The biggest benefit of the quizzes here over other resources you may have is that we link back to the exact video that covers the concept on anything you miss! If you missed a question, go back and watch the video -- there will be a link to the exact video you need to review in the feedback section of your quiz. If it’s a hands-on skill in the application, do it in the application again. Students: DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!

3. Relax on testing day.

Stressing on testing day can lower your score as much as not studying or finishing all the projects. If you do everything above, you’ll be ready for the real test. Don’t stress out and stay up all night cramming. Get a good night’s rest, a great breakfast, a little exercise, and then go knock the test down!!

Here’s the real deal: If you’ve done all of our projects and challenges, and review anything you don’t know the week before testing, you’ve got a darn good chance of passing! If you don’t… you’re rolling the dice! Don’t gamble on this, especially if you don’t get to test again if you don’t pass the first time (many people don’t pass the first time, but do on the second).

If you don’t get a second chance if you fail the first time.. the system outlined above and in the video is the BEST chance you have at knocking it down on the first try! Best of luck!

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