4.25.20 | Added H5P (Just In Time Learning)

5.4.20   | Added custom fields for groups – School, Certiport Rep, etc

5.5.20   | Updated Previous/Next topic buttons

5.13.20 | Added changelog page. Removed “Blogcast” from homepage. 

5.25.20 | Placed Registration URLs on My Class Page

5.29.20 | Added relevant sales rep info to Group Leaders’ My Class page

6.2.20   | Added FreshDesk support for user submitted inquiries

6.4.20   | Added list of concurrent users in each group lead by current user at the bottom of the My Class page

6.5.20   | Added Certiport Sales Rep Dashboard with info on each Group Leader they support (to be updated to add “Switch to” functionality and better sorting for multiple groups, sorted by school)

Upcoming Updates

  • Updated Video Delivery Platforms for iOS devices - Coming this week
  • Captions for videos - Early September
  • New About Page - Early September
  • New Home Page - Late September
  • New Store + Checkout Page - Early October
  • Begin Transcribing Videos - Mid October
  • New Video/Topic Dashboard - Late October
  • New My Courses Page - Early November
  • Fully refreshed UI + My Class Teacher dashboard - Late November
  • Full transcriptions for videos - December