Sure, we know this part is a bit confusing. Our product works via seats. So when you subscribe, you’ll get a seat license.

The seat limit is the number of students that can be logged in at once. Students from EVERY SINGLE CLASS can log in to the student account as long as you don’t go over the SEAT limit for your account.

Let's say your license has 40 seats, or concurrent users, with a total of 300 student registrations. 


Ms. Coll has 3 morning classes with 40 students each.

Mr. Schwartz has 3 afternoon classes with 40 students each. 

Then, our school would only need one license since we have registered 240 students and none of our classes need access at the same time.


Ms. Rios has 3 morning classes with 40 students each.

Mr. Fruend has 2 morning class with 40 students and 2 afternoon classes with 20 students each.

Since both teachers have classes that need access at the same time, this school would need to look into two separate licenses or upgrade to a site license.