If you’re not having fun learning… you’re doing it wrong! Our style is unapologetically fun and casual. Mostly that’s because we’re fun people who like to enjoy our day in the classroom, but there’s another reason as well… science!

1. You retain more when enjoying the learning.

This is pretty obvious with the recent surge in studies about brain science and human motivation. Dan Pink, Jane McGonigal, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, and Ken Robinson are some great authors to check out (click their names for TED Talks). If kids aren’t having fun in a class, they’re learning less than if they were.

2. Efficiency is ineffective.

Brain science research indicates that the “efficiency” model used in the past is ineffective. Giving the kids short, direct answers in an attempt to condense the knowledge to make it more accessible actually has the opposite effect. The jokes, sidebars, or tangents (many just fun stories) could easily be edited out, but the research shows that it results in much more engaged learners. The human brain is like a muscle. It doesn’t get stronger by lifting light loads− it needs a little challenge to trigger the “sticky” part of the brain. Great research in the books Make It Stick and Made To Stick.

3. The real world is real.

Nobody in the workplace talks like a polished presenter -- especially creatives! Design is a creative, expressive industry. The people in it are creative, expressive people. Getting talked “at” in a stuffy, impersonal way forces the hearer to drift off. Keeping it light and fun makes it more engaging. Need proof? Look around at your next PD workshop with a “professional” and stiff delivery. But when the presenter is relaxed and the crowd is laughing, EVERYONE is paying attention!


We know our style isn’t everyone’s bag, but it WORKS. Students love our stuff, and as a result, are engaged and you don’t need to threaten them to keep them engaged! Check out the feedback in the footer to see how well it’s working for students and teachers across the globe!

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